January 1, 2009

Gojimera Debut

I played out my first show by myself last night, and for the most part I thought it went pretty well.
Whether anyone liked it? Who the fuck knows.
I ran into a little bit of technical difficulty toward the end of the set, which I wasn't able to quickly fix. I went ahead and played through it, but I think the frequency I couldn't isolate was a little much for the human head. My head was vibrating all wrong for like 5 minutes.
I guess this is what happens when you first try something.
The rest of the night was totally off the hook. Good people, making great music and having a great time.
I feel totally blessed to live in a city with so many awesome creative people.
James of the Cysts gave me a copy of their shiny new tape, and it is amazing. You should totally check it out, and while your at it, peruse his very cool blog.
Also, much thanks to Alex Miel who provided ultra-cool, dark, comic book style art to the house for the event and also contributed hot pencil-theremin action to part of my set. Hopefully I'll get some digital copies of some of the art in the near future to share.
For those who missed it, here are photos and a short video from the set, provided by Alex's lovely wife and a long-time friend, Marissa. (check out her delicious blog!)

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