September 13, 2009

"Make it for an autumn day..." a playlist

when we almost killed ourselves - tarentel
stinging velvet - neko case
i thought you'd fall for me - hope sandoval
tell her no (piano version live on the bbc) - the zombies
pictures of matchstick men (fox studios demo) - camper van beethoven
dancing in my head - the raincoats
jesus wants me for a sunbeam - the vaselines
wild horses - (live stripped version) - the rolling stones
friends - led zeppelin
capitolism stole my virginity (live @ oslo jazz festival) - the (international) noise conspiracy
stargirl - the frogs
say something (acoustic) - james
bruised (live @ the tonic lounge 1999) - imogene
song to the siren - this mortal coil
they never really wake up - viva voce
slide - low
joan of arc - leonard cohen
fling (live at st. john's pub portland, or 2002) - doug martsch
satellite of love (alternate demo) - the velvet underground
trouble (*cat stevens) - elliot smith
pretty in pink - the psychedelic furs
iris - the breeders
the noise of carpet - stereolab
decatur st. - the twilight singers
song about an angel - sunny day real estate
fascination street (live 1992) - the cure
tom the model - beth gibbons

September 12, 2009